Revised/Rejected Paper Editing

    Revised/Rejected Paper Editing Service

    Who needs this service?

    Enago Revised/Rejected Paper Editing service is designed for you if

    • You have a paper that has been reviewed by journal peer reviewers.
    • You have a journal letter with reviewer comments. It does not matter if the decision was rejection or major revision.
    • You have revised your manuscript according to these reviewer comments.
    • If you intend to submit to the same journal, you have prepared a reply to reviewer letter.

    How can we help you publish a revised manuscript?

    • Two rounds of Substantive Editing by two PhD/Masters experts specializing in your research field
    • They will ensure that your revised manuscript has fully addressed the issues raised by the reviewers, 
    • Edit your reply to reviewer letter to ensure all questions are adequately answered, and
    • Provide a new cover letter that highlights the improvements you have made in the revised manuscript.

    Two rounds of editing

    First round of editing

    We will conduct Substantive Editing on your revised manuscript, with a special focus on whether reviewer comments have been adequately addressed in the revision. We also provide: 

    • Journal formatting. If you are submitting to a new journal, we will do a complete re-formatting.
    • Editing your reply to reviewer letter.
    • Write a new cover letter tailored to the target journal.

    Author review

    You can review the edited manuscript and check the comments made by the editors. You could clarify any doubt the editors might have had, and request further revisions. 

    Second round of editing

    We will review your comments and edit the manuscript, cover letter, and reply to reviewer letter accordingly. 

    We deliver

    • An edited manuscript, ready for re-submission
    • A customized cover letter that addresses the changes made in the manuscript
    • An edited reply to reviewer letter
    • Certificate of Editing
    • Revised/Rejected Paper Editing Report

    Download the Revised/Rejected Paper Editing Report

    Continuous support through your new journal submission

    With Revised/Rejected Paper Editing, you get Enago's value-added after sales service Rejection Shield FOR FREE! We will stay with you through the journal revision process. Within 365 days after delivery, we support: 

    • Unlimited times of re-editing, including up to 30% new content
    • Editing your reply to reviewer letter
    • Reformatting your manuscript (allowing changes of journals)
    • New cover letter

    Delivery And Pricing

    Word CountRound 1 DeadlineAuthor Check DeadlineRound 2 DeadlinePrice/word
    0-3000 words3 business days2 business days2 business days$0.13
    3001-5000 words4-5 business days2 business days2 business days$0.13
    5001-10000 words6-8 business days3 business days3 business days$0.13
    10001-12000 words9 business days4 business days4 business days$0.13
    above 12,001 wordsOn Request$0.13

    Customer Testimonials


    What is the difference between Revised/Rejected Paper Editing and Substantive Editing/Copy Editing??+

    Revised/Rejected Paper Editing is designed for papers that have been returned by journals. After a thorough review of the peer reviewer comments stated in the journal letter, Enago editors will edit the revised manuscript while checking that all issues raised by the reviewers have been adequately addressed. They will also edit your point-by-point rebuttals in the reply to reviewer letter. 

    If you have a fresh paper, please consider Enago Substantive Editing, which has a value-added after sales service Rejection Shield that covers journal revisions against reviewer comments. However, additional content is limited to 30% and revisions limited to 20%. Revised/Rejected Paper Editing has no such limit. Copy Editing does not provide Rejection Shield. 

    Can you help me write the reply to reviewer letter?+

    Our editors can help you strengthen and clarify your responses in the reply to reviewer letter so that they fully answer reviewers' questions. However, we cannot write the response letter directly for you, as it pertains to your research. 

    Can you submit my revised paper to the journal for me?+

    Revised/Rejected Paper Editing does not include assistance of the journal submission process. You may order Journal Submission when placing the order to save you time and effort in the process.

    Does Revised/Rejected Paper Editing Guarantee Journal Acceptance?+

    No legitimate author service guarantees the publication of the paper. Journal decision depends on factors including the quality and significance of the research, the subjective judgment of the reviewers and editors, and the amount of submitted manuscripts to the journal. However, our editing and publishing experts can help authors revise their paper to approach journal standards and reviewer expectation, and greatly improves the chances of successful publication.