PhD in Psychology and Linguistics
    21 + YearsUnited Kingdom


    She is a highly accomplished academic with a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh, specializing in language. Her extensive background includes research, R&D work, and teaching at reputable institutions such as HSRC and Wits School of Education. With 46 publications, including books, courses, and articles, she excels in Cultural Psychology and text analysis. Currently, an Honorary Research Fellow at Unisa, she remains dedicated to advancing knowledge in education and linguistics.

    Areas of expertise

    Psychology, Linguistics, English


    PhD in Psychology and Linguistics

    Peer-review experience

    Journal of Language Teaching /r/n/n Journal of Genetic Counselling /r/n/n Mind, Culture and Activity /r/n/n Culture and Psychology

    Publication experience

    Culture and Psychology /r/n/n Australian Journal of Community Psychology /r/n/n Journal of Language Teaching /r/n/n Theory and Psychology

    Work experience

    Researcher and research specialist at HSRC /r/n/n Freelance R & D work in education /r/n/n Senior Lecturer at Wits School of Education /r/n/n Honorary Research Fellow at the Linguistics Department, Unisa /r/n/n Extensive R & D and consulting experience in education Grade 1 to university level