Publication Support Pricing

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    Advance Editing Full Support Package10% off your first order

    The Full Support Package is a complete solution for New researchers. It helps them with end-to-end support for publishing the paper.

    Word CountTurnaround TimePriceExpress DeliveryPrice
    Upto 500021 business days$84014 business days$1,240
    5001-600023 business days$94015 business days$1,340
    6001–700025 business days$1,04016 business days$1,440
    7001-800027 business days$1,14017 business days$1,540

    Advance Editing Easy-Go Package

    The Easy-Go Package is a tailored solution for Experienced researchers. It helps them with services they need to submit their papers in the target journal.

    Word CountTurnaround TimePriceExpress DeliveryPrice
    Upto 500012 business days$5406 business days$790
    5001-600014 business days$6407 business days$940
    6001-700016 business days$7408 business days$1,090
    7001-800018 business days$8409 business days$1,240

    Pricing for Publication Support Services

    1. Journal Selection

    Turnaround TimePrice
    4 business days$200

    2. Pre Submission Peer Review

    No. of ReviewersTurnaround TimePrice
    1 Reviewer7 business days$320
    2 Reviewers7 business days$630
    3 Reviewers7 business days$940

    3. Formatting and Artwork Editing

    Word CountStandard DeliveryPrice
    0-4000 words2 business days$140
    4001-8000 words4 business days$250
    8001-12000 words4-10 business days$400
    Above 12001 wordsOn Request

    4. Journal Submission

    Turnaround TimePrice
    3 business days$180

    5. Revised/Rejected Paper Editing

    Word CountRound 1 DeadlineAuthor Check DeadlineRound 2 DeadlinePrice
    0-3000 words3 business days2 business days2 business days$0.13
    3001-5000 words4-5 business days2 business days2 business days$0.13
    5001-10000 words6-8 business days3 business days3 business days$0.13
    10001-12000 words9 business days4 business days4 business days$0.13
    above 12,001 wordsOn Request$0.13

    6. Plagiarism Check

    Service PartnerStandard DeliveryPrice / Manuscript
    iThenticate 1 business day$ 100