Advance Editing Full Support Pack

    The Enago Advantage

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    Save up to $500 by opting for our Full Support Pack and make your publication journey hassle-free

    End-to-end Support: 
    Advance Editing Full Support Pack offers assistance at every step to make your publication journey smoother, from choosing the right journal based on your research content to submitting your manuscript according to journal guidelines.

    Guidance by Journal Expert: 
    A team of Ph.D. subject-matter experts and journal submission professionals, led by a dedicated project manager, will guide you to achieve publication success.

    Resubmission Support: 
    We will support you through journal revisions, including re-editing your revised manuscript unlimited times within one year and resubmitting up to 3 times to the same journal.

    The Enago Promise: 
    We guarantee that your manuscript will not be rejected due to language or formatting issues. Should this happen in a rare case, we will re-edit your manuscript for free.

    What's included?

    Journal Selection

    Ph.D. journal expert will recommend 3 to 5 journals based on your manuscript and your publication expectations.

    Pre-Submission Peer Review

    Our PhD experts will examine your manuscript from peer reviewer’s point of view to identify weaknesses and suggest improvements.

    Substantive Editing

    Two editors from your research field will correct all grammar and language mistakes in your manuscript and improve its flow and cohesion.

    Formatting and Word Count Reduction

    We will format the manuscript according to the requirements of your target journal and reduce up to 20% of word count if necessary.

    Journal Submission

    Submission experts will ensure all the forms and supplementary documents comply to journal submission guidelines.

    Plagiarism Check (by iThenticate)

    We will run your manuscript through iThenticate and provide a report with actionable suggestions to reduce repetition.

    Cover Letter

    Your editor will write a customized cover letter that highlights the significance of your research and unique contribution.

    Artwork Editing

    Graphic editors will use professional software to ensure your images and graphs adhere to all technical requirements.

    After-Sales Services

    Rejection Shield

    Our editors will help you revise your manuscript against peer-reviewer comments and prepare for resubmission within one year.


    Unlimited artwork editing for the same journal within 365 days

    Resubmission Support

    We will resubmit your revised manuscript to the same journal with a new cover letter stating the revisions made.

    Delivery And Pricing

    Upload your manuscript now, and we'll get back to you within 2 business hours.

    Word CountStandard DeliveryPriceExpress DeliveryPrice
    Upto 500021 days$84014 days$1,240
    5001-600023 days$94015 days$1,340
    6001–700025 days$1,04016 days$1,440
    7001-800027 days$1,14017 days$1,540

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the services offered in the Full Support Pack?+

    Full Support Pack is a one-stop solution for top-quality editorial and pre-submission/journal acceptance services throughout the manuscript publication process. It includes services such as suggesting a relevant journal from a list of appropriate quality-indexed journals, detailed plagiarism check, meticulous review of your research by highly-skilled Ph.D. researchers, complete evaluation of language, grammar, and logical structure of your manuscript, formatting the figures, charts, and tables according to the journal guidelines, preparing the journal-specific submission paperwork such as cover letter, copyright transfer form, and finally submitting your fully-equipped meritorious research to the desired journal. 

    What if I am unsure about the package I need to choose for my manuscript?+

    We can assist you with the most appropriate service or package for your manuscript based on your requirements. You need to click on the button “Get a Quote” and fill in the Inquiry/Order form stating your requirements in the instructions section. Please select the solution you think would be most suitable amongst the options available. Our Client Servicing Associate will review your request and recommend the most suitable plan based on your requirements.

    I would like to submit my manuscript to a journal at the earliest. Do you have any paper publication assistance service/package to meet my requirement?+

    Yes, we do have express delivery service/package to meet your requirement. You can select express delivery while uploading your documents here. Our express delivery solutions go through the same quality check systems, while running some services simultaneously to ensure we meet your timelines.