and Artwork Editing

    Manuscript Formatting, Artwork Editing, and Cover Letter services

    Advantages of Formatting and Artwork Editing serivces

    Our expert will prepare your manuscript for submission by taking care of these technical requirements according to the journal submission guidelines:

    • Format the main text and conduct a basic proofreading
    • Edit charts, images, and table with professional graphic software
    • Customize a cover letter that highlights your research contribution

    This Service Includes

    Manuscript Formatting and Proofreading

    Our editing experts will ensure that your text, figures, tables, are references are all formatted according to journal Instructions to Authors guideline, including heading style, font, & line spacing. They will also conduct a basic proofreading to eliminate grammatical mistakes and typos. 

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    Artwork Editing

    Enago’s experienced image editors will use professional graphical software to edit your images and graphs to ensure all technical aspects adhere to journal requirements, including resolution (DPI or PPI), color, image size, and file format.

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    Cover Letter

    Our editor will customize a cover letter that highlights the originality and significance of your research in a succinct and compelling cover letter according to the target journal's guidelines. 

    Delivery and Pricing

    Word CountStandard DeliveryPrice
    0-4000 words2 business days$140
    4001-8000 words4 business days$250
    8001-12000 words4-10 business days$400
    Above 12001 wordsOn Request

    *For easier submissions, consider using a full support portfolio, a portfolio of essay editing submissions, or a portfolio of translation submissions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In what format do I have to submit the images for availing Artwork Editing service?+

    Images provided for Artwork Editing Service should be in an editable format in which the font type and size of the text appearing in the images can be modified according to journal instructions. The images should be of appropriate clarity for processing. We accept images in formats such as Adobe Illustrator (eps. /ai.), TIFF/JPG, PDF, and Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel. In case you have non-editable images, depending on the complexity of the images, the delivery deadline (TAT) of the final edited images will be extended. This will be informed to you before we begin the work.

    How do I go about revising my figures once it has been formatted?+

    We highly recommend you to submit the final version of your figures for formatting before the service begins. In case you require adjustments to your figures after formatting, you can let us know via email. Then we will work together to make the required modifications.

    What exactly does proofreading do?+

    This service includes basic proofreading that will correct grammar and spelling mistakes. It does NOT cover the following: 

    • Word Count Reduction
    • Parallelism
    • Structural Review
    • Academic Style
    • Clarity and Readability
    • Flow and Transition
    • Scientific nomenclature

    Please choose Enago editing services if you need to cover these aspects.

    Can you create new figures for me?+

    This service does not include artwork creation. You may check the graphical services provided under Research Impact.

    What information do i need to provide?+
    1. Please upload your research manuscript when you place the order. Please ensure that tables and figure legends are in editable text formats. 
    2. Images and figures in editable file formats, whenever possible.