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Dissertation Editing &
Proofreading Service

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Choose the dissertation editing service you need

Take a pick based on your unique requirements, including the level of editor intervention your manuscript requires, your dissertation submission deadline, and other details.

Make your dissertation error free and submission ready

Suitable for writers who need thorough proofreading to eliminate grammar & spelling mistakes in their dissertations & ensure stylistic consistency.

  • Grammar and Punctuation
    • Correction of spelling errors
    • Grammatical accuracy
    • Precise punctuation
  • Academic Style
    • Stylistic consistency
    • US/UK English style
    • Style guide adherence (APA, MLA, CMOS)
  • Expert Commentary USP
    • Expert tips on academic style and conventions
One Round of Revision
Reference Formatting
Thesis Formatting
iThenticate Plag-Check
Improve the overall presentation of your dissertation

A thorough dissertation editing with a deeper intervention to enhance clarity and coherence. Recommended for writers who need help to enhance their writing. 

  • Everything inOther Services
  • +
  • Clarity Check USP
    • Accurate word/phrase choice
    • Paraphrasing for clarity and concision
    • Smooth transition at paragraph and section levels
  • Structure Check USP
    • Smooth transitions at sentence and paragraph levels
    • Elimination of redundancy
  • Advanced Commentary USP
    • Advanced tips on content, style, and conventions
    • Commentary on content placement, transition, and logical consistency
One Round of Revision Free
Reference Formatting Free
Thesis Formatting
iThenticate Plag-Check

Make your dissertation stand out

Grammar & Punctuation

Our experts fix all issues so that your submitted dissertation is error-free. We help you to ensure that your dissertation content is grammatically accurate and has crisp punctuation to ensure that the reader stays focused on the content.

Academic Style

We ensure that your writing follows the standard conventions of academic writing, including active/passive use, language and tone, US/UK English style, and abbreviation use, among others. In addition, we apply the prescribed style in style guides such as the APA, CMOS, and MLA.

Remarks & Comments

Our experts provide feedback on your dissertation via remarks and annotations. These include author queries to ensure accurate editorial interpretation, alternative revisions, suggestions for enhancements, and tips on academic writing conventions. Experts will also provide comments on your overall writing style and your strengths & weaknesses.

Clarity Check

Our editors are mindful of maintaining the integrity and coherence of your dissertation, and they strive to preserve your unique tone of voice and style. They help you present your ideas with greater precision and clarity, ensuring that your dissertation meets the highest standards of excellence in scholarly communication.

Structure Check

Our experts improve the flow of ideas in your dissertation and ensure that the content is structured properly. In addition, they eliminate inconsistencies, address redundancies, and add helpful commentary regarding further improvements.


We format a dissertation according to the submission guidelines or the designated style guide applicable to you. Our experts will ensure the application of templates, page layouts, headings, and numbering styles. We also apply the correct in-text citation format with a complete list of references to ensure a consistent writing style.
Enago promise

100% Reassurance of Quality

Enago’s Thesis Editing service assures you that your thesis will not be rejected on grounds of language, grammar, style, and consistency.
  • High quality editors
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Error free theses
  • Free Q&A service

Add-on Services

Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism Check

Our comprehensive plagiarism check, powered by iThenticate, detects unintentional repetition or plagiarism so that you can submit your dissertation with confidence.

Reference Formatting

Reference Formatting

Our experts will ensure that your in-text citations and references are in the prescribed style as per the institutional guidelines or style guides (e.g., APA, MLA, & CMOS).

Certificate of Editing

Certificate of Editing

You will be provided with a downloadable certificate that states that your dissertation has been proofread & edited by a professional English language editor. 

Thesis Expert Summary Report

Thesis Expert Summary Report

Our experts provide you with feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your dissertation as well as your writing style, giving you unique insight about your dissertation and your writing.

Expert Ratings

Expert Ratings

A numerical report card for your dissertation made by your expert editor to evaluate aspects such as punctuation, grammar, style, word choice, flow & clarity, and references & citations.

Thesis Formatting

Thesis Formatting

We format your dissertation by applying templates, page layouts, table style, typesetting, etc., by following your institutional guidelines or your preferred style guide (e.g., APA, MLA, and CMOS).

Meet your Ph.D. & Master's expert dissertation editors

We select the best dissertation editing expert matching your needs based on your field of study, choice of service, and preferences. The expert works on your dissertation and sends you the edited dissertation ready for submission. If our experts have any queries or suggestions, they will pass them on to you so you can implement them before submission. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose Thesis Pro or Thesis Essentials?+

Thesis Essentials provides a thorough grammar and language revision so you won't have to worry about basic language mistakes. It is suitable for students who are confident in their writing and/or under close guidance from their research advisers. Thesis Pro gives you a more holistic editing that not only ensures your manuscript is free of error but also enhances its content presentation.

Is editing my dissertation considered cheating?+

No! It's not cheating. Many teachers demand that their students use professional editing services to check the material for formatting and technical issues. Our service is not about creating unique content—which would be deemed plagiarism—but rather about enhancing the narrative and clarity of existing articles.

How much does dissertation editing cost?+

The starting price for Enago's dissertation editing service is $0.02 per word. Each dissertation editor on Enago's team pays close attention to a number of things, such as grammar, narrative, formatting errors, page layout, sources and citations, and annotated bibliography.

Do you offer editing services for dissertations to students?+

Without a doubt! Enago has designed the dissertation editing service to match the needs of students and independent researchers. 

How does Enago Thesis Editing work? +

We have a 4-step process to give you a stress-free dissertation editing experience. You can get a quotation within 1 hour, pay for your editing, and we’ll let you know once your dissertation is ready. We are available 24x7, 365 days (even on public holidays).

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